Home Decorating

    Home decorating to create comfort

    After the completion of the construction of a house or the purchase of an apartment, the completion of repair work, the arrangement of the premises with all the necessary interior items, the problem of creating an atmosphere of coziness and comfort in the home becomes urgent.

    Decor - in the traditional sense, decor is understood as a set of elements that make up the external design of an architectural structure, its interiors, as well as household items, products of decorative and applied art. The decor can be picturesque, sculptural, architectural, different in material and technique.

    How to decorate walls-photo ideas, how to decorate walls in different rooms

    The design of the room consists not only of large interior designers, but also of small, and sometimes very small elements that can make our interior appropriate and very necessary accents that determine the mood of the room.

    The main elements of creating a modern interior in the style of a FARMHOUSE

    Farmhouse, aka farm or rural style is a kind of mix of several directions, combining the softness of rustic style, the comfort of modern, the character of industrial and heritage with a twist.

    Farm-style home design ideas: delightful exterior and comfortable interior design

    Elegant farm style wins the hearts of fans with its comfort and use of simple and organic forms in interior design. The main difference is the simplicity and brevity of the situation, which borders on home comfort and relaxed decor.