Shopping Catalogs

    Catalog trading is one of the most promising and profitable types of direct marketing.

    After you select a suitable product, just go to its page. Here you will find a detailed description of its characteristics, which will make sure that you have made the right choice.

    On the right, you'll find links to stores that implement this model. Next to them are the prices on each trading platform. You will only need to click on one of them and complete the purchase.

    This, this service can be very useful for any person who wants to buy any product on the Internet at the best price. Only here you will get the opportunity to compare prices among several hundred online stores. This will allow you to save significantly on purchases. The catalog is constantly updated. In addition, information from new trading platforms regularly appears here.

    The product catalog is the basis of the online store.

    The catalog is a multi-page publication that presents a large number of product names, their image and description. Direct mail directories are used. Catalog trading in America is carried out by several trading corporations many - companies that trade through catalogs do not even have their own retail outlets, and catalogs are their main channel of promotion. each of these companies focuses on a specific segment of customers. This type of trade is so popular and widespread in America that even large companies with their own retail network also decided to use this promotion channel.

    Types of Catalogs

    According to their purpose, directories can be divided into

    Product catalog (for example, one manufacturer or one type of product; is distributed among the professionals engaged in design, wholesale purchases, etc.)

     Shopping Catalogs

    advertising catalogue (prospectus booklet; printed edition distributed in the store and its vicinity to attract the attention of potential buyers to the product, special offers, related services, etc.)
    mail catalog (list of products with text descriptions and photographs used for the sale of goods by mail)
    exhibition catalog (list of products presented at an exhibition, auction, etc.)

    Not so long ago, catalog trading experienced a period of rapid growth, and now it has stabilized a little. One of the factors that inhibit development is the increase in the cost of mailing catalogs. Market experts predict that in the future, the catalog trading market will grow by 6% annually.

    With the development of trade in catalogs, the maintenance of databases of potential buyers is also developing. Large companies are constantly improving, supplementing and changing their databases. The main growth of trade in catalogs is provided by specialized catalogs. For example, there are catalogs for hobbies, men's or women's goods, clothing, electronics, and office equipment. Specialized catalogs are available for accessories, jewelry, food, computers, etc.

    The volume of catalog sales is a good indicator of changes in society, which show an increase in home sales. but this imposes on the manufacturer responsibility for the quality of the goods, delivery and lack of risk. Currently, US residents even receive catalogs that have catalog lists with various products. Moreover, catalogues are distributed on a paid basis, but people do not stop, and they buy them.